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Posted 5th November 2014



Your Move


This is a message to the thugs harassing me from the shadows: Feel free to tinker with my website and camera. Peer into my penthouse like adolescent boys, or whatever it is you wriggling little serpents do. Be my guest. I'm not going anywhere.

Do I look scared??

Or maybe I scare you. Aww, you don't like being forced to look into the mirror, do you?

Why not? What do you see when you stand in front of it? The child you once were? Innocence shattered? Or, the child you are now. Completely oblivious to who your true masters are. I feel sorry for you puppets. You don't even know who's pulling your strings. These pampered ventriloquists laugh at you while you do their dirty work. That's who you should fear, not me. Not my family. Not my friends. They stand with me, so your little attempts to sow dissent and turn them against me, heh, just strengthens our resolve. No one believes your lies. No one believes your "evidence." So you have two choices, really: Shrink back into the shadows and leave us alone, while you fritter away the rest of your sad days on this planet; or... continue to stand in our way, and witness firsthand what the Truth has in store for the corrupt. Oh, your bosses?

Hi there...

I know who you are. I understand the source of your "power," and so do my students. They've been studying your venom and how it moves through the system. Paralyzes the weak until the body feeds on itself. But together, we are like a new Line! The Line with the antidote. The Truth.


see ya later...

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