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Posted on 7 January 2015


An alliance of nomadic tribes on the steppes of Mongolia, the Donghu developed a fierce style of coordinated horse-mounted warfare unlike anything else the Bronze Age had ever seen. They swept across North Asia devastating everything in their path .

Donghu power was based in their brilliance in planning and execution, making large forces seem like they behaved with a single mind, a unified intention. This tight integration extended to their political organization, as the Donghu were one of the earliest examples of a Federation - a group of disparate tribes who came together to form a cooperative union.

To be a Donghu was to be a skilled warrior who fought as one small piece of a larger machine - there was no individual glory, only the glory of the whole unit, tribe or people. The Donghu valued submission to a Truth that was larger than any individual.

This submission, and this tightly integrated society, while a source of their power, was also the root of their downfall, as the enemies of the Donghu discovered that they only tempt the leaders into corruption and their obedient servants would follow them unquestionably. But the Donghu ethic and worldview survived and inspired several successor groups and societies, and eventually became the foundation upon which the Mongol Hordes were built.

Donghu students, you can find all of the teachings about your line here:

Pay special attention to this lesson:

Donghu Courage and Cooperation02:53

Donghu Courage and Cooperation

Now, its up to you to define the words or phrases that will become the official motto of your new line of Donghu.  Put your ideas in the comments below, and I will choose the one I think is the best.  If I choose the one you suggest, you will be rewarded.  

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