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Posted on 20th January 2015


One of the earliest, greatest, yet still mysterious civilizations in human history, the Harappan Civilization ruled over the Indus Valley, in the intersection of modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

The cities of the Harappans were so far ahead of the small villages and nomadic tribes in the area, that they might as well have been from the future. An urban society, the Harappans lived in massive cities filled with traders, artisans, engineers and architects.

The finest minds in Asia all came to the Indus Valley to flourish in one of the world's first egalitarian technocracies .  And the Harappans had a unique and complex writing system that modern historians and archeologists have still been unable to decode. Who knows what ancient secrets we could learn once we decipher it?

But even though the Harappans were far ahead of their time , they were not invulnerable. Climate change, disease born of a newly concentrated lifestyle, violence - these chipped away at Harappan power, until their dominance was threatened by a corrupting force that invaded and conquered, bringing reactionary authoritarianism with them. 

Harappan students, you can find all of the teachings about your Line here:

Pay special attention to this lesson .


Now, its up to you to define the words or phrases that will become the official motto of your new Harappans.  Put your ideas in the comments below, and I will choose the one I think is the best.  If I choose the one you suggest, you will be rewarded.

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