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Posted on 22 January 2015


Also known sometimes as the Gauls or the Celts, the La Tène Civilization dominated Europe during the first century BCE. An unruly confederation of warrior tribes and nature mystics, they repeated challenged the Roman Empire for every year of ground. The Romans, terrified by the crazed berserkers they kept losing battles to, named them “Barbarians.”

While the La Tène were a warrior culture, they were also highly egalitarian . There were no elites among them – anybody with prowess with a sword or axe could rise to a high position. Their priesthood class, known as Druids, oversaw a religion that focused on humanity’s connection with the natural world. La Tène warriors were so in touch wit the land around them that to their adversaries they sometimes seemed to possess magic.

But as we have seen before, the forces of corruption found a foothold among the La Tène by bribing their chieftains and druids with enough money, treasure and flattery to make them begin thinking they actually were an elite. Suddenly, La Tène had leaders who didn’t have to prove themselves in battle. Once this elite has consolidated their control over the larger society,[http:// it was fairly simple for the Romans to subjugate them] .

Not that the La Tène gave up without a fight. It took Julius Caesar himself to deliver the final blow, and it cost him so much that a few years later his own Roman subjects assassinated him.

The La Tène are not alone in falling to the corrupt Romans. But their legacy remains, underpinning the cultures of Europe all the way from Macedonia to Ireland.

La Tène students, you can find all of the teachings about your line here:


Pay special attention to this lesson .

Now, its up to you to define the words or phrases that will become the official motto of your new La Tène. Put your ideas in the comments below, and I will choose the one I think is the best. If I choose the one you suggest, you will be rewarded.

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