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Posted on 9 January 2015


Based in the Greek island of Crete, the Minoans grew into a powerful naval trading empire , with reach through the Mediterranean and Europe. Brave to the point of foolhardiness, the Minoans avidly sought to test their limits and to challenge the unknown.

Minoan sailors were the best in the world, and they spread their influence across huge swaths of the world.  There is even some evidence that they Minoans reached the New World millennia before Columbus . But as much as Minoans relished travel and far-flung destinations, they also were keenly aware of the value of strengthening their homeland and preserving their Truth.

The Minoans were continually challenged by the more aggressive powers to the North and the Greek mainland. As they retrenched to defend Crete against invaders, their diminished ability to sail to the far edges of the world began to eat away at them. Ultimately, this loss of connection to their Truth contributed more to their downfall than any invading force.

The Minoans figure heavily in our modern understanding of Greek Mythology. And yet, there is much Truth to be found in the center of those myths .  

Minoan students, you can find all of the teachings about your line here:

Pay special attention to this lesson:

Minoans The Long Game03:08

Minoans The Long Game

Now, its up to you to define the words or phrases that will become the official motto of the new Minoans.  Put your ideas in the comments below, and I will choose the one I think is the best. If I choose the one you suggest, you will be rewarded.  

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