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Posted on January 13th, 2015


Ping his partner.


Hint 1

Check out the bolded text. What's the filename, and what's his partner's name?

Hint 2

Opening lucy.png will show you some random red lines. What can you do with those?


The original image is called Ricky. Ricky's partner in Trailer Park Boys  (The photo is of a trailer) is Lucy. When we add the bolded text above the image, we get lucy.png


Overlaying the lines on ricky.jpg will have one spot where all the lines are lined up with one of the lines in the original picture. Looking at the Campfire in a Can, you'll see the letters "heaipreic" underlined.

Recurring solve

Anagram to get "Hairpiece". leads to Sketch


I keep drawing this shape... WTF?


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