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Posted on 10 March 2015



Hint 1

All the numbers you need are there

Hint 2

Notice that each circle has 12 lines out


There are 12 spokes in the circles and there are 12 ancient lines. To create a key based on the names of the lines, put the Sumarian line at the top and the Aksumite line to its right. Fill in the other spokes between them in alphabetical order. (Only the 1st, 3rd and 6th letter of the line names are needed.)  Choose which ancient line names to use based on which spokes are used for the lines connecting the circles. Choose which letters of the names to use based on the numbers in the center of the circles. Most circles have two paths to choose from, except for one, which indicates where to start. Starting at the right and using only the letters determined by the outgoing spokes, you get the word mimes leads to Into the Darkness



The report in Into the Darkness

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