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Posted on 15 April 2015



Hint 1

Hint 2

Remember the theme so far seems to be space


First the morse code is found clockwise around the frame of the picture. At first the morse code doesn’t seem to translate to anything useful but from the hint of the picture from Russia, you know to use the cyrillic morse code translation.

Translating from morse to cyrillic to english you get:

  • сос сос - SOS SOS
  • костюм - suit
  • баллон - balloon
  • авария - crash
  • лес - forest
  • тайга - taiga
  • волки - wolves

This briefly tells the harrowing story of Voskhod-2 and the first space walk.

Thus the answer is:

восход-2 Voskhod-2восход-2восход2

(Also the picture is of a SUNRISE over the Kremlin.)


The video Angela's Dolls

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