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Posted 10th November 2014


A desperate man places one down. - "32!"

A smile creeps in. "And another." - "4!"

"Hee hee. Two this time!" - "Lucky 13!"

"I’m hot! Twenty on the first number!" - "Winner!"

Who built his ride home?

Hint 1

Think of what text sounds like. What kind of scenario could have it

Hint 2

For the kind of transport the result you get shoudl hint you to a specific kind of transport quite easily


The story describes someone playing American Roulette. Overlaping the image of the bets and the layout of a typical table you obtain the placement of the bets.

In the end the bets will be 1 x 5 / 1 x 8 / 2 x 17 / 20 x 35 . This gives a total of 747, the number of the famous plane Boeing 747  leads to the page Standard Protocols which has the following note in it


Client 11 had an Unforeseen , early check-out in Fantasy Suite. 

Assuming standard protocols don't apply. Please advise...


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