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Posted 23rd October 2014


The Gauls and the Celts. Historians argue incessantly about these two groups, and whether or not they are the same, or different, or distantly related. If they weren’t so annoying in their braying of their “facts,” I might feel sorry for them.

To those who know the Truth, they’re just two branches of the same family of La Tène. The Romans called them “Barbarians,” and considered them brutish and uncivilized. But what else do you expected from that pit of corruption?

Yes, the La Tène were fierce warriors, but they were so much more. A highly developed society with an emphasis on ritual and ceremony, they were much more egalitarian than other societies of the time. Any individual La Tène could rise to a position of prominence. Many did this through force of arms – for many La Tène, a favorite pastime was harassing the Romans.

For the La Tène, their Truth was focused on nature. Powerful Druidic rituals taught the value of communion with nature, and the individual’s ultimate responsibility for their own place in the world. Their Truth created a nation of uncommon resilience.

Eventually, however, continual poking of the Roman beast brought the full force of their wrath down upon them, and the once great warrior clans dispersed. But they were never truly defeated, so much so that their culture has untold echoes into the modern day. We are like the La Tène, except we have learned how to defend ourselves. We will not be dispersed. We will not be hunted down. We are the hunters.