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Posted on 6 December 2014


Find the 5x5, look to the end and escape to a safe destination...


Hint 1

Remember this is the last puzzle of the week so all the solves done before will help you here.

Hint 2

Stella mentions a 5 x 5 grid so you will want to have 5 letter words here , so some substitutions will be needed


You will need to solve each line separately  

  1. Simple translation from semaphore flag = PROP(S)
  2. Using the same solving tecnique used on Tuesday jump on the keyboard to the key on the right to get , = comma
  3. The diagram is actually german weniger neun und vierzig which means minus 49. Using the answer from wednesday tunnel 57 you end up with 57 - 49 = eight
  4. Same trick as used on Thursday phone keypad numbers - 20013 22269 - then unicode that gives 中国 = china
  5. Using the icons from Friday and their meaning you get film. On Friday the all puzzle was around one specific film = alien

Following the intructions you do a 5x5 grid






Reading the end gives SATAN. And then escaping to safety gives you HEAVEN.

Songformydad leads to Telegram . This is a page with a image from a youtube called  "Buddy the Elf meets Walter the Dad ".

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