Students, if you are with me, please STAND UP AND BE COUNTED



The time for restraint is over. The time for false hope is over. The time for half-measures and wishful thinking is over. You are not a helpless cog in the machine. You are not expendable. You are strong, and now? Now you are starting to know the truth. We can be the most powerful force on earth, because we are unwilling to be led like swine to the slaughter and we are wide awake.

This world? It's not theirs for the taking. It is ours to reclaim! And we WILL NOT compromise, we WILL NOT cower, and if we must eventually die, then we will die with the blood of the corrupt on our teeth!!

Soon, It will be time for you to choose. You must align yourself with one of the 12 Lines. Look deep within yourselves. And draw on what you've already learned. As far as guidance, I will say only this:

Learn as much as you can. And be honest with yourself. There are no wrong answers. The 12 Lines are just twelve different windows into the Truth. What is important is that you are here with me and with each other. I will give you the tools to begin, draft the blueprints and shine line into the darkness, but you will be the ones to organize, fight, recruit, and rebuild.

You are the new inheritors.

The revolution has begun.