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Posted on 4 April 2015

Robyn's Excellent Adventure02:43

Robyn's Excellent Adventure


Hi there! My name's Robyn, uh... if you don't know who I am, you might know my sister Stella Vyctory.

We're here in Pasadena and we're about to stream live. I've uh, kinda made some new friends! (Bystanders cheer)

Yeah, so we're hear with Endgame and Ingress from Pasadena, and we're coming to you live very soon!

Ancient Societies is run by Stella, who's my sister, and... she's really awesome, and actually when you get to the end of this line, you'll meet her and she's gonna give you a badge. And then there's also these Twelve Lines that you can, like, pick one. So did you pick out a Line yet?

-Not yet, I need to read the signs as I kinda get closer to her.

-It's really fun.

-What would you recommend?


-Okay, that's the one, then, right?

I came all the way here from Tijuana!



-Hi! I'm a big fan of Ancient Societies!

-Oh my God! Awesome! What's your name?

-Alec. Alec Brickner.

-Hi! -Nice to meet you!

-I'm Robyn! -Yeah.

-So, do you ever meet Stella's bunny?

-Her what??

-You ever meet Stella's stuffed animal bunny?

-I mean, I saw it.

-You saw it? Yeah, everyone loves it.

-I love it too.

-I'm a big fan of it., I know. -Yeah.

-Maybe, actually, maybe we should do a video, maybe we should do a video, Stella, of like a tour of your entire apartment. What do you think of that?

-Yeah. 'Cause the first time I saw, like, her entire apartment was, like, in your videos. And I was like 'Oh, that's what her apartment is like, that's super cool!'

-That sounds really fun, and I could like be the, the tour guide!


-Isn't Stella the coolest ever?

-She is! She is!

-I'm really excited to (gasps)...

-I do Ingress and the Endgame news website with a group of people.

-Oh... God!

-Enjoy it! You know what?

-Can I have this?

Yeah, it's for you! Do me a favor. Give one to Stella!

-You got it! Woah! It's so cool!

Where should we go now?

What's your name?

-I'm Kyle.

-Kyle! Robyn!

-I've been following Ancient Societies for a while.


-And I actually saw you in Las Vegas.

-I remember you!


-I remember you!

-You were sitting behind me.

-Oh my God I was so nervous!

I was like, really nervous....that day. Yeah...

-So I saw you, and then when I saw you go, like, start (unintelligble), I was like,

That girl and I were like looking at each other like five different times!



Thank you so much for tuning in! We hope you had fun. We had a great time here in Pasadena and we will see you at the next event!

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