Obtained via solving the Tower

Posted on 27 of February 2015



My Diary

dont LIKE IT HERE!!! I told Mom not to move but we did. Sam is not hear. Katy is not hear.

Mom sed to draw a picher of MY FEELINGS I feel storm and litning and fire and SAD SAD SAD

Mom sed I have a secret sister!!! I have to keep it secret. She lives far away but shes my sister and shes mine. We can move again and shell still be my sister!

Mom Me Sofia


Extra Notes

Angela Sanning replied on the solution page the following

+Stella V  I just wanted you to know that Robyn has been waiting to meet you nearly her entire life. I know she can be a bit much, but she’s a good kid. I know you won’t do it for me, but for her sake and yours, please give her a chance.


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