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Posted on 30 October 2014


The new Sumerian way of thinking – their Truth that inspired the advent of civilization – was both inspirational and dangerous. As Sumer grew and consolidated its power from a collection of city-states into an Empire, their commitment to logic, forethought and planned advancement only accelerated their evolution. It also provoked their neighbors, turning them into enemies.

More and more waves of people migrated into Mesopotamia, and many of them adopted Sumerian ways. But others refused to, finding Sumerian thought too alien, too frightening. They prefered the simple world where their Gods told them everything they were supposed to think . The fact that Sumer had thrown off these chains was an affront and an abomination. They had to be stopped. But nobody was strong enough.

That is, until the Akkadians came. A vast, powerful and corrupted Empire from the West, Akkadia’s tyrant Sargon had an unending thirst for power, land and subjugation. When Akkadian forces began moving into Mesopotamia, Sumer’s jealous neighbors wasted no time in engineering a confrontation between the two great powers.

And the Sumerians, to their great regret, had grown complacent. After so long thinking that they were themselves almost as powerful as Gods, this hubris blinded them to the threat Sargon posed, and before they realized their mistake, Sumer had fallen and had become subject to the Akkadians.

The lesson the Sumerians can teach us today is that once you find and accept the Truth, your journey has not ended. In fact, it’s only begun.

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