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The community shares a couple of bottles at the Hold 'Em table.

Using all of each player's available cards, read:

The luckiest player’s lowest pair. The unluckiest player’s highest pair. The other guy’s hole cards.

And you get one of my favorite things. :)

Hint 1

Notice the unlucky player highest pair, is refering to players that actually have a pair at least. Also remember that each suit has 13 cards and there are 2 colors for suits

Hint 2

The answer is an anagram. The answer might be tricky to find to non Americans


Following the instructions from Stella you end up with the following

  • A pair of 5 (one red one black)
  • A pair of 6 (both red)
  • A red 2 and a black King

Atribute letters to the cards with Black Ace = A / Black 2 =B .... Black King = M /Red Ace = N, etc. We get RESSOM. This is an anagram for S'Mores a kind of American sweet. leads to page of with a screenshot of a mail from an Angela Sanning


Hey guys,

This lady seems really nice, but I'm pretty stretched for time. Could someone help her out?


Angela reply
Later anyone that mailed Angela got this mail

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