Obtained by solving Convo

Posted on 11 October 2014


Somebody's nervous

scared shitless is probably a more accurate description

you 'll

o come on ---- you will be fine.

dads are known to not like me right away

how many "dads" have you met, romeo?

just one. didn't go well. story for another time.

stop being such a little girl


you have a kevlar vest, yeah?

hilarious. hey does your dad like scotch?

he doesn't drink. he just smokes cuban cigars and sues people.

you do realize that you're not helping.

this is too easy

Extra Notes

The 3 image show screenshots of Stella talking to Jake. Jake was later revealed to be a boyfriend, and he was talking about meeting Stella's dad. This also confirmed that this was "J" from The Rebel

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