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Posted on 3rd December 2014

Shang Trailblazers of Bronze03:32

Shang Trailblazers of Bronze


Listen, we know all twelve Lines had incredible achievements but the Shang were nonetheless very special. You see, for China, they were all twelve Lines in one. First, like the Sumerians, they created the first written language in their part of the world, and even more impressively, the oldest written language still in use today - anywhere. Now, here are a few comparisons between the Shang pictograms and modern Chinese: The pictograms start here, and you can see, through the progression of time, they land here with modern Chinese. Think about it, these symbols were developed nearly four thousand years ago, and every child in China still learns them.

They also had the civil engineering abilities of the Harappans, an artistic genius on par with the Minoans, and the military innovation and might of the Donghu. They were technologists, with inventions far too numerous to list, but critically, the Asian founders of the Bronze Age.

Now this, Students, is one of my favorite things, a dagger-axe well over three thousand years old, made of bronze. This was fastened to a handle and used in hand to hand combat. It's both an elegant object, and also a devastating, ruthless weapon. Which describes the Shang perfectly.

Shang society was also a study in organization. Everybody -- from couriers to kings -- knew their place and worked to make the commonwealth their highest priority.

But then: a series of kings took advantage of the Shang’s obsession with order to enrich themselves. And the final straw was Di Xin - one of the most notorious deviants to ever rule on Earth. And just like that, their Truth corrupted, they were overtaken. Students, this is a familiar story, the pattern almost unbearably clear. A rot from within, and foreign powers step in to take advantage of the chaos.

This pattern will end soon - one way or the other. Either we will be destroyed from within, or we will put this madness to an end. Stay tuned.

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