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Posted on 31 March 2015

Shot in the Head-001:40

Shot in the Head-0


- Stella. Hey, what did he say? What did he say to you? What was that? What was that? Are you ok? What happened?

- He's alive.

- Who? What? No.

- Jake. Jake.

- Jake's not alive, Stella. Jake was shot in the head. He was shot.

- I know, I know. I know. I was there. I was there, but he just showed me a video that had to be from now. He showed me Jake. He's here. Where is he? I need to see it again.

- [Man] I'm right here.

- How? (laugh)

- I paid them to put blanks in the gun. And I made it clear to Jake that if he didn't play along that both of you would probably end up dead. I told him he needed to leave the country for a while, to lay low. And I've been helping him while he hides in Mexico.

- Stella, he's lying to you. He's lying to you. No! No!

- Where in Mexico?

- Don't worry, he'll be here soon enough. Don't you need to get back inside?

- Yeah, yeah I do. You too.

- Wouldn't miss it.

- OK.

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