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Posted 17th November 2014


What is not a truck, not the tot., and not a dwarf? I'm not trying to trick you...

Hint 1

The use of the 'not' here means you should be looking for the opposite of the word.

Hint 2

Also notice tot. stands for total


You are looking for the oposites of each of them here

truck - car

tot. - diff.

dwarf - giant  takes you to an audio called transcript


[Female] Hello?

[Male] Hi, baby.  I got your note.

[Female] Okay, great.

[Male] I can pick up those things after class.

[Female] Don't buy the Kroger brand--Gerber's.

[Male] I know, I know.  I may be a little later.  I have this student who keeps trying to get me to believe her crazy ideas--something about history.  Need to meet with her.

[Female] {uhp} How attractive is she?  Don't lose your tenure over her.

[Male] Cut it out, silly girl.  I love you.

[Female] I love you too.  We'll be here after your rendezvous.

[Male] Kiss Sofia for me.  See you soon.

This conversation seems to come in sequence after the note of Piggly Wiggly

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