Obtained as a reward from Consequence

Posted on 21 November 2014



We are the Brotherhood of the Snake.  

Greetings, Stella Vyctory.  

We have grown tired of the foolish impostors who abuse our name: the "Uncorrupted" --- silly little worms trying to intimidate you with their scary voices and their amateur-ish hacking.  We have no interest in you or your strange little crew--at least not yet.  However, we grow weary of their constant yapping and intrusions, as if what they or you are saying is of some consequence.  So please, just keep down the racket.  We're trying to rest and we tend to be unhappy when woken.  Oh, and if you have any doubt concerning our identity, we left a little message for you.  

Good bye, Stella Vyctory.

Extra Notes

The little message mentioned in the audio in the solution was visible in The Brotherhood of the Snake website

BOTS message

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