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Posted on 5th February 2015


Chasing meaning yields knowledge.


Hint 1

Each panel has 3 colors. From left to right, Magenta , red and Yellow. Notice no Cyan .

Hint 2

With the pairs of numbers you got for each panel you will get a sentence. You might want to know by now that urls also work with greek characters


Count each magenta hexagon and then each yellow hexagon. Add one to each of those values due to the red one.

20  1 / 5  7 / 12  18 / 12  5 / 5  5 / 18  11

Ordering the numbers by Magenta ones and then yellow, follow by converting number to letter (A=1) you get telleragreek . Teller in Greek is ταμειολογιστικώνταμειολογιστικών leads to You Are Invited


I'll be making a wider announcement tomorrow, but I wanted you guys to hear it first. :)


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