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Posted on 21 February 2015


If I were a crow...


Hint 1

There is a english saying "As the Crow flies"

Hint 2

Remember this week theme were locations. There were 5 of them but only 4 spaces. 


As the crow flies means in a stright line. As such we have to do straight lines between the five locations we have from the other challenges, in the order they showed up.

Orlando -> Sofia -> cotswolds -> djenne -> Frutillar

After that you will need to find the 4 locations refered in the poem, one for each of these lines.




Buenos Aires

Using the letters highlighted in red we get lddiaeea. This is an anagram to adelaide lead to Wish You Were Here


Hello from Las Vegas! Just here with a few friends . I'm in front - center left.

If you're in Vegas, please come to my party . If not, you can check out the live stream , starting at 3:30PM PST (GMT -8). Either way - see you soon!!  -S


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