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Posted on 29 July 2015



Looks like someone wasn't happy about our raid yesterday.

Good. That was the point. I knew he would strike back. I'm ready. 

I get sentimental in dark times. As I look back on everything we've accomplished here, I'm proud of all we've done together, but I can't help but feel a lingering regret. Ancient Societies was always intended to be about more than Challenges. More than hacking into servers, or even fundrasing. Today, let's shine a light through the darkness.  

Students, your "Challenge" today is to make someone smile.

Then come back and share it with us. Post here, blast it out on social media, anything.

Keep the smiles coming. I could use it right now. 

  1. StellaSmiles 

Extra Notes

  • The posts made by players can easily be found both in Google + or Twitter

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