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Posted on 3rd March 2015



Hint 1

Look for something in the image that seems to be out of place in the statue

Hint 2

You are given one word with the puzzle. You have to find another with what you found in the hint 1. A google search with both will give you what you need


The symbols in the statue are the insignia for Commodore. Googling commodore and Sobriquet will reveal the name Cornelius Vanderbilt leads to Send Money



Western Union Amount US$ 500

Destination (city, country) TIJUANA, Mexico Receiver ???? Sender John Threadgill

Will the Receiver have valid Identification? No

If No, provide a Test Question: Question: WHO IST SENDING THE MONEY?


Sender Notes: I'm sorry. But this is the last time I can send you money Every time I do this, I take a chance that he's going to notice, + he'd swat me like a fly without a second thought I'm being watched. You're going to have to do this on your own from here on out. I'm sorry.

Customer's signatuer John Threadgill

Date ????

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