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Posted on 10 April 2015


Dear Mom and Dad, Hello from SPACE CAMP!!! Guess what I got a medal for best model rocket. It looks like this: (rocket drawing). Mine went 843 feet!! Cindy's went higher but it exploded so I got the medal. Anyway today was the best day ever cause I met a REAL ASTRONAUT her name is Karen Madox and she is AMAZING. She talked to us about what it's like to be waitless (weightless) and how she loves space food except dried ice cream. (two sad frown faces) And she said NASA is doing cool TOP SECRET stuff and she couldn't tell us about it except they found a new kind of energy actually that part was boring. And she said that when you see ertb from space you can see stuff that's NOT ON MAPS but she winked so maybe she was joking. Anyway it's time for FLIGHT SIMULATION, I'm the CO-PILOT which doesn't sound as important as PILOT but IT IS. Love Max (space camp sticker)

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