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Posted on 22 May 2015


Hint 1


Hint 2



Clicking on the image goes to a link, which redirects to  which redirects again to various pages depending on the country. Each page results in some text, which can be combined with the ",,?" punctuation in the image:

Country Destination Page Text
(other countries) 20150318022431!Eventually.jpg


Japan YOU_logo_2013_ab_100px_Breite.jpg you
Germany 09/376ef_do-squared-logo-256px1.png do
Russia iStock_000011975447XSmall.jpg plan
Italy d793f7b4e335a6e06852939905bc9840.jpg to
Brazil Have have
Switzerland D_76461%20%280%29.jpg dinosaurs
Spain ON-Ball3D-web.jpg on
U.S. your your
Thailand stock-photo-word-dinosaur-written-in-dinosaur-letters-watercolor-illustration-235143034.jpg dinosaur
Portugal tour-type-earth-globe-13124502.jpg tour
U.K. 85977206_fed0721d7e.jpg right

This is from the movie Jurassic Park and is a quote by Jeff Goldblum's character, Ian Malcolm. The solution is .

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