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Posted on 07 January 2015

Steel Box03:04

Steel Box


-That’s good there.

Come to finish the job?

-Don’t say that Stella. It’s not like that.

-Really, John? It’s not like what?

-I tried to talk Wayland out of it. I did everything I could.

-I’m sure you did.

-Maybe you’ll understand when you’re a parent.

-You cannot be serious.

-I’m not here to defend your father.

-Never call him that again.

-I just don’t want to see you get hurt. I want to help.

-Yeah, like you didn’t want to see Leo get hurt, right? How did that end up for him?

-I’m sorry about your friend.

-You’re a liar, is what you are.

-Well I don’t want to lie to you anymore, Stel.

And you have every right to be upset. But that's not gonna solve your problems. Our

problems. I can help you. We can fix this.

(Sounds of hacked video on Stella's computer - We are not who you think we are, we are the Uncorupted. You are the Corruption (uncertain what else is said))

-Is that..


In that alley? Is...

It's you...

Oh my God...

-Who sent that to you?

-You had him killed?

-Stella ---

-You’re...a murderer.

You're a monster.


-It’s the Brotherhood, Stella.

-You tell Wayland that it is over for him now. Leo told me what really goes on at

the hotel. I know all about him now, and so do they.

And for you...

The good news is you'll be rid of him soon.

The bad news is, it’ll be in a steel box - dead or alive.

-Stel -

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