Stella V is a main character for the Endgame: Ancient Truth ARG and storyline

General info


Full Name - Stella Elizabeth Vyctory

Location - Las Vegas, USA

Occupation - Student (doctorate in the study of Ancient Societies)

Sex - Female

Date of Birth - 8th March 1990

A.K.A - Ancient Societies

Hobbies - Finding the Truth and teaching it to the Children / Students

Online -  Youtube / Google +

Affiliations Wayland Vyctory (father) , Maya Heller (mother - deceased) , Jake (boyfriend - deceased)

Extra details


She has the roman helmet image as her profile pic in G+ but there seem to be 2 other there. 

12 societies (1)
The banner image seems to be the same image that can be found in the Ancient Societies website


This is meant for the ones published as herself a.k.a. Stella V.

For the ones she has made for Ancient Societies please check here