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Posted on 23 April 2015


Away Team: Picard/Obi-Wan/Gandalf/Maestro/Scirocco*

  • ETA: Hint added in bold

Hint 1

Sometimes a space is literally just that: a space. The first three are 'who,' the last two are 'origin' and 'destination.'

Hint 2


From the hint, you make the leap that Maestro and Scirocco represent Northwest and Southeast respectively, so the quest must begin in the upper left corner of the grid and end in the lower right corner. The Away Team hint leads you to believe that a journey of some sort and Star Trek may be involved somewhere along the line. You also notice that the grid is 8x8, just like a chessboard, and that things are etched in stone, indicating nothing moves.

Then, you make the connection that the round table the grid is on represents the Knights of the Round Table, and also notice that Patrick Stewart (who plays Picard) is an honorary British Knight (along with Ian McKellen and Alec Guiness, from the added hint). So, KNIGHTS are pretty strongly hinted at throughout.

So you make that leap that this must be a sort of Knight’s Tour from the top left corner to the lower right corner.

You then solve the following, using Knight’s moves on a chessboard:


This gives you your ONE and ONLY answer: OMICRON SPORE .


The article Olema

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