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Posted 17 November 2014

Sumerians Genius and Hubris03:16

Sumerians Genius and Hubris


We all know the accepted pop-narrative that shadows the Sumerian legacy. A civilization born in the Fertile Crescent, and nurtured by the Tigris and Euphrates. They were first to use the written word, trailblazers in warfare and governance, and the founders of abstract thought. I mean, when we think of modern humans -- the Sumerian impact on our species is still among the most profound.

But this barely scratches the surface. These are the people that invented the chariot, revolutionizing the battlefield. And the Epic of Gilgamesh is the great-great-grandfather of all modern literature. There’s the wheel, the concept of law, international trade -- all pioneering pieces of their lasting endowment. But what's most stunning is that Sumerians changed the way humans see themselves in the world: as a part of a greater interconnected landscape. The Sumerians thought big. And they thought ahead. Their staggering intellectual leaps allowed them to anticipate hazard, and strategize in a way that had never been dreamt of before. And it allowed them to flourish like no other society ever had.

But the core of Sumerian Truth lies beyond the unprecedented statistics and legacy. They showed what human beings are capable of when they shrug off the bondage of superstition, when they step outside blind fealty to gods and goddesses. Because the Sumerians prized logic above all. They used their rapidly evolving intelligence to grapple with an increasingly complex world.

Though with great knowledge comes an even greater responsibility, the fire to know more, to do better, and to keep striving for greatness. But ultimately, the Sumerians grew complacent.

Their military might and technological advancements engineered a hubris that blinded them to their enemies’ machinations. By the time Sagron of Akkadia swept in -- it was too late.

So, it’s not enough, Students, to just find the Truth. It must be cultivated, constantly refined. So today, we honor the ancient Sumer and her peerless contributions to humankind’s narrative.

We cherish her wisdom.

And we strive to do better.

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