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Posted on 16 December 2014


The Truth of the Sumerians was rooted in their belief that humans were capable of great things, that they could transcend their limitations through the power of abstract thought, reason and imagination. In a world beset by uncounted religions and gods, this idea was radical - even blasphemous.

It continues to be radical, even today.

Today, despite the fact that we’ve learned more and more about the world, superstition still retains a powerful hold over many. Deeply implanted beliefs in myths and stories – of every kind of religion, culture and creed – are ascendant.

The Sumerians would look at today’s world with wonder and dismay. Wonder at how far our minds have taken us. And dismay at the clutches the old stories of subjugation still hold over people.

Cast yourself in the role of a modern Sumerian, in conversation with one of your great ancestors. The ancient Sumerians would demand to know how superstition can still have such power over the human mind. How would you explain it to them? And how would you advise them to combat this retrograde thinking and progress the cause of Sumerian Truth?

Tell me in the comments. This question is open to all students, not just Sumerians. Let me remind you again to keep the conversation civil – there is no place for corruption here.

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