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Posted November 18 2014


This man walked North up a street named for a famous set of keys and stopped at a thrift store run by a military force. 

Then he left the store, went to the nearest corner, and looked right to get his bearings and pin the spot where he was born, even though he is not a U.S. citizen.

The man’s boss was quite the faker, but whose attention did he want?

Hint 1

Try and find a street in the US which might have something to do with keys ( remember not all keys are meant to open locks) with a thrift shop in it that could have something to with a certain army.

Hint 2

After you get to the corner you will have to give a mental jump to a more global landscape. Also remember the week's theme is hoaxes


The first part of the puzzle will lead you to the Salvation army shop in Steinway Street in NY.

Going to the nearnest corner and looking right you will be looking at theintersection of 34 with Stenway. Stenway doesn't have a number but if it had it would be 39.5 (because it is in between 38 and 41

Using these two numbers as map coordenates you end up in the center of Turkey (39.5N 34E)

Looking for a turk hoax leads to The Turk, which was made to impress Maria Theresa of Austria. or leads to the page Rodriguez

So, what's this all about, Angela? I've seen you hanging around lately...


Interview Transcript

Case # 1992-DEN574283

Person of Interest: A. Sanning

Page 3

66DET. RODRIGUEZ: And this was your first class with Professor Denisov?


68SANNING: (inaudible)


70DET MARTZ: Could you repeat that, please?


72SANNING: I said yes.


74DET. MARTZ: You never had another class with him?




78DET. RODRIGUEZ: OK. You didn't have him as in instructor the previous semester?


80:SANNING: No, I... Well. Sorta. He filled in for Doctor Weiss after she had

81 her car accident. Just for a few weeks, I think.


83ET. RODRIGUEZ: And when Professor Denisov ...filled in...for Doctor Weiss,

84 what did you think of him?


86:SANNING: What do you mean?


88DET MARTZ: He means, did you find him attractive?


90SANNING: Yeah, sure. So what? Everyone did.


92DET. MARTZ: Huh. Okay.

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