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Posted on 27 January 2015


There is a grid of letters on the window with the clue Commonality.

  G T W V N A P O L I U
  E N N A O A I K S Z F
  R I I K D Y N H I V L
  M U L A A A E A O A A
  A Q M H R B A T U L M
  N E E C O M P I X E M
  G L R Y D I P L K N E
  I R G O L U L A P C N
  A A R Z E Q E S P I U
  N H M A N I T O B A A
  T O L S T O I R U B J

Hint 1

Up. Down. Or left to right.

Hint 2

Google a few.


  German Giant ← column 1 downward
  Harlequin    ← column 2 upward
  Gremlin      ← column 3 upward
  Azoychaka    ← column 4 upward
  Eldorado     ← column 5 upward
  Quimbaya     ← column 6 upward
  Pineapple    ← column 7 downward
  Rosalita     ← column 8 upward
  Sioux        ← column 9 downward
  Valencia     ← column 10 downward
  Flamme       ← column 11 downward
  Napoli       ← row 1 left to right
  Manitoba     ← row 10 left to right
  Tolstoi      ← row 11 left to right

These are all varieties of tomatoes.  The solution is .


Like a Little Piece

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