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Posted on 9th of October 2014


So we’ve already talked about the Koori and the Cahokians, and if you’re following your indoctrination from the traditional (read: hopelessly, racistly, clueless) ideas of history, you’re probably imagining simple, people living in tribes, with a “deep connection to the land.” The traditional “noble savage” picture.

There IS a civilization that matches that idea – tribes with a nature-based religion that prized their relationship with their land. Tribes with a savage streak, who were notorious for their ability to create mayhem.

And they came from Europe. How’s that for savages?


Name: La Tène Culture

Continent: Europe

Time Period: 450-100 BCE

Succeeded/Conquered By: Roman Empire

Currently: Central Europe.

The La Tène were also sometimes called the Gauls. The Romans named them the Barbarians. The La Tène didn’t much care for that, so they sacked Rome. More than once.

Their nature religion was overseen by a fierce, terrifying priesthood. You known them as “Druids.” Confusingly, the La Tène were also sometimes knows as Celts. But there is confusion about whether they are even related to the Irish Celts. Imagine that, confused historians. I’m shocked.

Remember, savagery, violence, mercilessness... none of these qualities is inconsistent with the Truth. We may not want to live that way now - and some may think of these traits as immoral. But I'm here to ask you to think about them differently, to imagine the world they lived in and ask yourself - what would I have done? In a fight-or-die world, would you be a pacifist? Would you watch your family die?