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Posted on 6th November 2014


poems can be

any words, recycled

from great masters

one to ten

making a slope

then layer by layer, peeled away

from the outside in

to create new verse

lottery numbers?


no, friend, monograms' first!


Motherless risehousewives brigade

near me, deep grace

bone night

I, tired light

is with

and ideal


of Watching the she heart

dark and a machinery

Forward lightly

your lovely being with the Tread


are of barking in I

woods ends from dynamo 

The; the dog starry

For the; the Prevent to Connection

Hint 1

Stella mentions great masters and words recycled. Maybe the words are not in the right order / grouping

Hint 2

Think of what a monogram is


Path #1:

Starting from the last word, start reading backwards by going skip 0, take word, skip 1, take word, skip 2, take word, skip 3, take word, skip 4, take word... 

This will give: Connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night (10 words)

Do it again to get: Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone (9 words)

Path #2

The first part of the Challenge explains how the second part was constructed. Create a pattern of placeholders with "one to ten making a slope" like this:

 2A  2B
 3A  3B  3C
 4A  4B  4C  4D
 5A  5B  5C  5D  5E
 6A  6B  6C  6D  6E  6F
 7A  7B  7C  7D  7E  7F  7G
 8A  8B  8C  8D  8E  8F  8G  8H
 9A  9B  9C  9D  9E  9F  9G  9H  9I
10A 10B 10C 10D 10E 10F 10G 10H 10I 10J

Then peel them "away from the outside in" to create the pattern of words in the Challenge:

1A 2B
3C 4D
5E 6F, 7G 8H
9I 10J
2A, 3B 4C
5D 6E
7F 8G
10I 3A 4B 5C 6D
7E 8F 9G 10H
4A 5B
6C 7D 8E 9F 10G 5A
7C 8D 9E 10F 6A
7B 8C 9D 10E
7A; 8B 9C 10D
8A 9B; 10C 9A 10B 10A

Replace the placeholders in the sloped pattern with the corresponding words.

At this point you will have quotes from poems from these authors:


- David R Slavitt

I rise

- Maya Angelou

Watching tired housewives

- Charles Bukowski

Forward the light brigade

- Alfred Tennyson

Tread lightly she is near

- Oscar Wilde

I carry your heart with me

- E. E. Cummings

The woods are lovely dark and deep

- Robert Frost

For the ends of being and ideal grace

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone

- Wystan Hugh Auden

Connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night

- Allen Ginsberg

Take the first letter of each author's name and reorder them using the numbers given by Stella. This gives you the word comrade.  leads to Flyer where a partial missing child poster is seen


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