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Dec. 13, 2014, 9:58 a.m.


For the Harappans, their Truth was built on the foundation of equality through technology. Their innovations and advancements in science and engineering allowed them to create a powerful civilization that elevated humanity. And for the Harappans, this advancement was only useful if it served the needs of all of its people.

So what would the Harappans think of our world today? A place where technological advancement is controlled by the wealthy, and where much of the world is kept in relative squalor to fund and supply the raw materials that go into the technological innovation used by the elite.


And yet, technology can also be used to level the playing field. As a Harappan in the modern world, how would you advise those who are stuck under the yoke of the technological elite to use the very same tools for their own benefit. What are some ways to use technology to restore some notion of equality to the world, in accordance with the principles of Harappan Truth?

Tell me in the comments. This question is open to all students, not just Harappans. As you should know by now, keep the conversation civil – there is no place for corruption here.

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