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Hint 1

The image is a clue on how to use the text. Remove the "?t=" parts when doing that.

Hint 2

Start in the upper left corner and move clockwise.

Hint 3

When you get to the password part, be aware that it does not work in most browsers. It's a PDF file which you may have to download and open with Adobe Reader.


The text in the image are Video IDs for various YouTube videos.  Remove the "?t=" parts and append the rest to "" to get to the respective YouTube pages for various classic television series.  Start with the one in the upper left corner and move clockwise. Use the number in the "?t=" part to select a letter from the title of the TV series (don't count spaces).

89920e-0Pkl Life With Elizabeth t=14 B
er83PBSvh-l Hot In Cleveland t=8 E
Yfk6cypZJ1M To Tell The Truth t=10 T
Ps0FGkhjDgY Match Game 75 t=3 T
-Zfti7b31rs The Mary Tyler Moore Show t=7 Y

Betty White appeared in all five of these TV Series . Clicking on the image opens a PDF file with a password. The name of the file is "5-5", possibly indicating that the password is two words, five characters each, separated by a hyphen or possibly a space. The password is "Betty White" but it does not work in most browsers. You may have to download the file and open it with Adobe Reader. The content of the PDF file is an image with four golden girls and a rose. The name of Betty White's character on The Golden Girls was Rose Nylund. The solution is .


Rose Nylund

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