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Posted on 25th of September 2014


In the Midwestern United States, before the rise of the tribal societies we think of as Native Americans, there was a vast empire, a thriving civilization and giant cities  – the largest on the continent for centuries, not to be topped until Philadelphia in the 1700s.

And then one day, the Cahokians simply vanished.


Name: The Polity of Cahokia

Continent: North America

Time Period: 900-1250 CE

Succeeded/Conquered By: Unknown

Currently: Midwestern United States

The disappearance of the Cahokian civilization was so abrupt and total, that when European explorers reached the area centuries later, they remarked on the curious lack of people living in the area.  

The original Cahokians left behind mysterious hill structures that are still around today: the Cahokian Mounds, in what is now Illinois. 

As with many of the great monoliths left behind by the 12 Lines, the Cahokian Mounds served a purpose far beyond what can be inferred from what remains.