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Posted on 10 April 2015


So the other day… I made a rock levitate ... Maybe.

When Luke Skywalker did it, he had to concentrate to make it happen. He knew what he was doing. But in my case, there was no conscious decision at all. It just seemed to recognize me. Or something.

But I grew up being suspicious of magic . I was taught that illusions and misdirection are an insidious form of Corruption. That I should always look for the man behind the curtain.

So I can’t help but think… Here’s this person, Nori, who weasels her way into my life, plainly looking for my money. And now all of a sudden she has this party trick that proves that I’m… what? A Jedi?

Of course, she took the stone with her, because it would be ‘too dangerous’. Or maybe she was worried I’d find the batteries.

What do you guys think? Please help me figure this out!


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