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Posted 25th October 2014


Western history begins in Sumer, in the so-called “fertile crescent” between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. But the Sumerians of our history books are a pale shadow of the true power of this culture, and express a Truth far greater.

358px-mesopotamia male worshiper 2750-2600 b.c
For one thing, the Sumerians were the ultimate egalitarians. Before they metastasized into an empire, Sumer was a collection of individual city-states. Each city had its own ruler, religion, gods and temples. What they had in common, however, was something relatively new to the people of the region – abstract thought. This may not seem like much in our modern hyper-connected world, but in Sumer it was practically a great leap forward for the human race.

Because Sumer, more than a culture or an ethnicity, was an IDEA – a concept of civilization and of evolution. That human beings could aspire to more and greater things than subsistence and obedience to capricious gods. To be a Sumerian meant you embraced the idea that people were destined for greater things. This was their Truth, and it’s something that we can all use to transcend the limitations we set for ourselves, as well as the limitation the world tries to place on us.

And make no mistake – there are forces in the world that want nothing more that to limit what you are capable of. For the Sumerians, every great advancement inspired a corresponding enemy, devoted to tearing those advancements down.

Sometimes those enemies declare themselves openly. And sometimes they look like your closest friends. Be vigilant.

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