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Posted on 8th of October


The Koori are one of the longest-lasting societies on this list, holding dominion over the entirety of the continent of Australia for millennia. Their relative isolation from the rest of the world, with long stretches free from warfare helped the Koori develop a sophisticated culture and religion based around the mystical “Dreamtime.”

Koori map

Name: The Koori People

Continent: Australia

Time Period: 4000 BCE - 1788 CE

Succeeded/Conquered By: Australia

Currently: Australia

Today, we are ignorant of much of Koori history. Thousands of years of collective knowledge was brutally suppressed by colonial Australian conquerors. Only in recent years are the so-called Aboriginal societies in Australia recovering that history. Or maybe they never lost it, but have been keeping it to themselves. But who really did conquer them? Historians can’t really say for sure. Why? Maybe because most historians are regurgitating the same lies the rest of humanity has been fed.

Whoever vanquished the Koori -- were they threatened by a people who lived in harmony with such inhospitable terrain?  Did they expose their conquerors weaknesses?  Puncture illusions upon which these subjugators built their rapacious way of life? Soon we shall see.