Posted 10 November 2014


The Aksumites were famous through their corner of the world for their fairness, their prosperity and their even-handedness. That’s not to say they were pushovers or pacifists – the last thing anyone in the area wanted to see was an Aksumite war fleet sailing into their harbors. But for them it was a measure of last resort.

Treat an Aksumite fairly, and they would accord you respect and honor. Cross an Aksumite, and they would give you every opportunity to make amends.

But if you failed to make amends, they would not rest until they destroyed you. One of the benefits of wealth is the ability to take revenge, no matter how much it costs or how long it takes.

The Aksumites patience – their greatest skill – was also their fatal weakness. As their prosperity grew, so did their connection to the other great empires of the region – especially the Romans. Corrupt beyond all measure, the Romans whispered in the ears of Aksumites and slowly turned them away from their Truth, turning them into a client state. And the Aksumites, so accustomed to their equanimity, did not recognise the snakes in their grass until it was too late, and they were totally dependent on Rome.

Once they realized it, the Aksumites began trying to extricate themselves. But it was too late, and they were left so weakened that their Empire fell shortly thereafter.

Aksumites, please take note of this Truth. If you are to retain what made your Line special, and avoid what ultimately brought it down, you must be united. If you are already fractured, before we’ve even begun, I fear your future will quickly look like your past. Show me, and show your fellow Students, what the Great Aksum Empire is all about.

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