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Posted 10th of October 2014


The Nabateans were the powerful trading empire that linked together Rome, Persia, Arabia and Egypt. They were also famous for their fierce warrior ethic.Caravans and raiding parties alike would ride out from the center of the Nabatean culture, the great rock city of Petra.


Name: The Nabatean Kingdom

Continent: Asia/Levant & Arabia

Time Period: 300 BCE - 500 CE

Succeeded/Conquered By: Roman Empire, Qahtani Arabs

Currently: Jordan

As the linchpin of commerce in one of the most dangerous parts of the world, the Nabateans believed in striking first before their enemies could. Never cross a Nabatean – or your negotiation could easily end in bloodshed.   

While I’m not telling you to go out and knife anyone who disagrees with you, I am saying that you can learn from these Nabateans about self-reliance and self-defense.