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Posted 7th November 2014


I’ve heard some questions about how much a small group of individuals committed to the Truth could really affect world events on such a massive scale. I don’t blame you for your reticence – the world is vast and sometimes we can feel so small.  But I want to assure you that every single person who gives themselves to the Truth tips the balance. And even a small group of such people can have implications that can change everything.

For example, let’s take a look at one pivotal moment in the history of one of the lines. A moment when corruption had begun to seep in, and the diminishing amount of the faithful were faced with a choice. And their choice changed everything about the world we know.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that thousands of years before the “discovery of the New World,” sailors from Europe reached North America. These sailors were Minoans. They set up the beginnings of vibrant trade and mining operations in the Great Lakes area. Copper from Michigan has been found among the ruins of Crete. Minoan artifacts have been found by archaeologists around Lake Superior. Left unchecked, the Minoans might have established the first permanent settlements in North America, four thousand years ago.

But they didn’t.  

Why not?  Because at that very moment, the Minoans were faced with a choice: continue to strengthen their trans-Atlantic trade and bring new resources back home, or to fall back, trying to hold on to their home island of Crete and abandoning everything else.

They chose to retrench, to take the short view and to relinquish their long-term plans in the face of immediate dangers even though the heart of their Truth was in playing the long game. In spite of their choice – and maybe even because of it – they fell.  But imagine if they had chosen differently? Imagine if they had kept going to North America, establishing a new foothold in the Great Lakes area. How would the entire history of Western civilization be different?

Imagine if you could go back to the very debate where this decision was made, if you could talk to the small group of Minoan leaders who had to make this monumental choice. You’d see that the relationship of a small group – the right group – to the Truth can change history.

And make no mistake, students. There is a similar inflection point coming for our world very soon. And only our devotion to the Truth will give us a chance to survive.    

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