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Posted on 8th of October 2014


Hey everyone! I'm finding there are things I want to share with you, my Students, but I don't want to just...put them out there for anyone to see. So I'll be posting little Challenges for those of you who are truly dedicated. When the answer is put into place, it will lead to important things. At least, important to me...

So, here we go:

The twelve lines are vast. They stretch across time and space. In them we find truth.

Our civilization is next in line and we can only learn these truths secondhand by studying the Shang, Nabatean, Minoan, Aksumite, Sumerian, and more…

Hint 1

Stella bolds certain letters and symbols in the opening paragraph to inform you this is another URL shortener puzzle. So the word has to be hidden in the text in the second part.

Hint 2

She mentions that we can only learn these truths secondhand.


Using the 12 Ancient Line "names" she types out in the post, you can find the keyword by looking at the second letter of each line. That word is haiku. That leads to the link


A image store in google drive called IMG_20140928_220700