The Endgame: The Training Diaries series consists of 3 novellas that describe the story of the 12 Players as they trained before Endgame started.

Volume 1 : Origins

Training diary 1
  • Also know as Volume 1: Minoan, Sumerian, Mu, Koori
  • To be released on 12th of December 2014


This thrilling digital prequel novella to Endgame: The Calling follows the lives of four of the twelve Players before they were chosen as the one to save their ancient bloodline—and win Endgame.

Before the Calling . . .

Marcus must choose between friendship and destiny. Chiyoko fights for what’s hers. Kala learns the price of love. And Alice finally understands what she’s Playing for.

They must shed their normal lives and transform into the Players they were meant to be.

They must train, learn, prepare.

To Play, survive, and solve.

To kill or be killed.

Endgame is real.

Endgame is coming.

And only one can win.

Volume 2 : Descendant

  • To be released on 24th of February 2015

Volume 3 : Existence

To be released on 9th of June 2015

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