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Posted 4th November 2014


It seems like many of you have taken my previous post about the Harappans a little too literally, thinking them a line comprised solely of accountants. Do not underestimate the strength of the Harappan Empire - their military might could have easily overrun Rome, Egypt or many other “great” civilizations. And those accountants could use Harappa’s great wealth and trade to conquer through non-military means.

The Harappans were so far ahead of everyone else in their time, they seemed like advanced beings to the people who lived in their shadow. A new arrival to Harappa would think of them as wizards, able to bend the world to their will. They would never believe that anyone could overcome such a far-seeing society.

And it’s true, the egalitarian Truth that fueled their armies and their commerce kept the Harappans unopposed and thriving for centuries.

But the beginning of the end came with the advent of something totally new in the Indus Valley – a ruling class. Suddenly there were an elite, who built citadels and fortresses, who upended the perfect balance of Harappan society.

And when there is an elite, soon follows corruption.

History is divided on what brought down the Harappans. The accepted story tells of an invading force from Central Asia, known as the Aryans, who slowly infiltrated the area until they could not be turned away. Others call the story of the Aryans a myth.

The identity of the invading force that brought down the Harappans is irrelevant. What is crucial is the recognition that the turn away from their Truth is what destroyed them.

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