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Posted on 10 March 2015


When I was a kid, I loved knots. I had a dusty old book of sailors' knots, and I used to practice tying them over and over. They had wonderful names — the rolling hitch, the sheepshank, the soft shackle. I realize now that while I was practicing knots in my penthouse, my "father" was binding me in shackles so soft I didn't notice them. It wasn't until I found you, Students, that I slipped the surly bonds of Wayland Vyctory.

And since then, every time I've felt powerless, every time I've been bound by circumstances beyond my control, you've helped me escape.

Am I pushing this metaphor? Yes, but there's a reason. It's my turn to untie you.

The Ancient Truth, that you've studied so diligently, has awakened something inside you - I can feel it. But I also sense that it is still leashed, still tethered to preconceptions and old habits.

Students, every truth I thought I knew has been exploded, exposed as lies. And while this process has been painful, it has also released me. Now it's your turn. Shake off the chains of misinformation, of hidden biases and dusty ideas.

The Truth will set you free.

Tell me how I can help. I'm here. Unbound.

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