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Posted on 31 January 2015



Hint 1

Figure out the theme for the week. Then where each of the weekday solutions is from.

Hint 2

Do you like horror movies. No anagramming required ... Ignore the "HINT WATER" in the letters on the boxes - one of the letters has been altered to make that appear, so you'll have to change it back.



There are letters on five of the boxes and five solutions for the week.  The solutions themselves don't match up with the five groups of letters but they are all characters in horror movies, so lets figure out which movies those characters are from. Those do match up with the letter groups:

Jigsaw Killer ➞ Saw                           ➞ S:WGS
     Tomatoes ➞ Attack of the Killer Tomatoes ➞ A:HRN
        Lepus ➞ Night of the Lepus            ➞ N:IEA
Plymouth Fury ➞ Christine                     ➞ C:TAR
 (theme song) ➞ Halloween                     ➞ H:ETK

The first column, before the colons (":"), now match up with the names of the movies. Reading down the other columns we get WHITE GREAT SNARK.  Swapping the first two words and replacing the N in the third with H results in the solution , which of course refers to the character in the movie Jaws.

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